ROC Martial Arts Academy is a Black Belt School developing future leaders. We are founded on strong character principals such as honor, modesty, courtesy, integrity, courage and perseverance. We are about changing lives and making them more rewarding and leading to a more important goal, learning how to appreciate who you are as person and help others to do the same.

At ROC, we teach a traditional Chinese style of martial arts, Kenpo, that has been modernized to be street smart for today. We teach over 250 different self-defense techniques from beginner, white belt, to advanced, 1st degree black belt. We also teach katas, which are martial art forms fighting imaginary opponents. Katas can be taught with or without a weapon, and can be used in competition at tournaments, however, they are to help an individual train and sharpen their technique in the arts.

We are committed to providing the highest quality martial arts instruction and training, in a friendly, positive atmosphere. We mentor our students, guiding them to success, training them in leadership and character development.